Investing in rail and all the businesses and communities that rely on it


CSX’s proposed merger with Pan Am Railways will bring robust and positive change to both the regional and national rail networks that support countless businesses and communities alike.

Currently, the infrastructure operated by Pan Am throughout New England would benefit greatly from an influx of new investment. From repairing rail lines that have gone un-serviced for too long to integrating CSX’s best-in-class network, these upgrades could not be timelier.

The merger would also result in increased efficiency for both freight and passenger rail in New England, while pushing the region toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly freight rail operations. On average, CSX moves one ton of freight 508 miles on a single gallon of fuel. This is three to four times more efficient than shipping via truck. CSX takes pride in its commitment to environmentally responsible business while making no sacrifices in efficiency or productivity.

Improvements to existing service will increase competition in freight rail by providing lower costs and better service for shippers. By creating a more efficient and affordable network of transportation, business and consumers will see prices drop allowing for higher profits and more savings for American families and businesses.

CSX’s capital investment model will also benefit passenger rail services in the northeast. In 2020 alone, CSX invested nearly $1.4 billion in infrastructure capital expenditures. U.S. freight railroads invest an average of $25 billion to maintain and modernize America’s 140,000-mile rail network, investments that benefit the public, but are not paid with taxpayer dollars. CSX maintains a positive record of interoperability with passenger rail services and a history of working cooperatively with Amtrak. Contractual on-time performance with Amtrak has significantly improved through CSX’s industry-leading operating model that will be applied to Pan Am’s network. In 2020, CSX achieved a 93.6% contract on-time performance level. Therefore, along with the myriad of economic benefits for shippers and consumers, passenger rail service will improve right alongside of it.

For these reasons and more, it is no surprise that a growing list of well over one hundred businesses, elected leaders and communities have expressed their support for this merger in hopes of making these positive changes a reality.

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